Standby EMS

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Description of Services

Basic Life Support Event/Facility Emergency Medical Stand-by Services
OMS provides First Aid and Basic Life Support, up to and including activation of the local EMS system for clients at the event location. We prepare for the worst-case scenario and bring ample amount of supplies in an effort to limit the need to call for assistance. Our EMTs and Paramedics are equipped with quick response medical gear at all times; consisting of basic first aid and CPR supplies. We also keep a larger gear bag containing other equipment on-site, in a designated area to deploy as necessary.  OMS is the ONLY standby company that offers its clients Electronic Patient Records – our copyrighted iPAD software allows us to track injury trends while reducing paperwork and improving pre-hospital care continuity.

Medical equipment supplied by OMS includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Oxygen gear
  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Patient cots
  • OMS Medical Tent: Upon Request
  • Airway management supplies
  • Extreme Trauma Bag
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Backboard and cervical spine precaution equipment
  • Quick response bag
  • Extra oxygen cylinder
  • Extra cache of equipment
  • AED: Automated External Defibrillator

OMS currently provides EMS standby services for the following areas: Yolo, Sacramento, Shasta, San Francisco, and San Joaquin counties. We have upon request provided EMS standby in Southern California area, including Los Angeles and San Diego, CA.

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Basic Medical Evaluations/Physicals

OnSite Medical Service, Inc. also provides Basic Medical Evaluations (BMEs) for your facility. These evaluations include a subjective and objective documented patient history, blood pressure check, visual acuity testing, and glucose urinalysis/blood sugar screening.  All evaluations are reviewed by a member of our Medical Board (a licensed physician). OMS provides written referrals to those who may require additional medical attention, as indicated by any abnormal findings during our evaluations.