NREMT Psychomotor Verification

OnSite’s NREMT Psychomotor Verification is a two hour class covering a skills review and then verification of competency in the following areas:

Patient Assessment/Management – Medical
Patient Assessment/Management – Trauma
Bag Valve – Mask (Apneic Adult Patient)
Oxygen Administration by Non-rebreather Mask
Cardiac Arrest Management/AED
Spinal Immobilization (Supine Patient)
One Random Basic Skill (bleeding control, long-bone immobilization, or joint immobilization)

Please come prepared. Print the NREMT Psychomotor Verification form, complete the top portion and bring to class. Upon successful completion, you will be responsible for submitting the form to NREMT.

Dress code: casual with comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

Pre-requisite: Must be previously or currently NREMT certified with need for renewal. NREMT certification cannot be more than six months expired.


Verification Form
NREMT Psychomotor Verification


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