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Established in 2003, OMS recently celebrated over a decade of experience catering to a wide variety of venues; ranging from San Francisco nightclubs to industrial factories. Our certified and trained medical staff come directly to your location with the means to stabilize nearly any medical emergency. OMS prides itself on providing you and your company with peace of mind, knowing that you have trained and certified medical care providers present at all times with 24 hour access to our panel of physicians.

Since 2003, OMS has done it all! We began as a small company specializing in providing emergency standby in San Francisco for prominent nightclubs. Within two years, word of our professionalism and expertise catapulted us into the forefront of EMS standby services. In 2006, we expanded our services to include Occupational Health medical care – providing 24-hour coverage 7 days a week in two nearby counties, expanding our services to include the Stockton and Lodi areas. By 2007, OMS had grown to include over 40 full and part time staff with a myriad of contracts covering events from Shasta to San Francisco, CA.

In 2009, OMS opened its Ambulance Division and became one of a very select number of licensed private BLS Ambulance companies through Sierra Sacramento Valley EMS Agency. Serving our community and a number of surrounding areas, OMS successfully completed over 300 transports within its first year – at an average cost to our patients of $65.00.

In 2010, OMS opened its Education Division offering our clients, hospitals,and  surrounding medical care facilities the opportunity of gaining American Heart Association certifications in First Aid, CPR and CPR for the Health Care Provider. In June of 2011, after a year of preparation and curriculum development, OMS received approval from SSV-EMS for our EMT training program.  Today, OMS is approved by the State of California Bureau for Post Secondary Education, Yolo County Emergency Medical Services Agency, approved to operate by the BPPE and the American Heart Association.

With a management team ensconced in education and a highly trained medical staff with years of professional experience assisting other EMT courses and CPR instruction, it seemed only appropriate that we hone our experiences into what is guaranteed to be the most unique EMT course to ever be offered. The OMS EMT Training Program delivers over 24 hours of extended instruction (beyond the minimum DOT requirements) with an emphasis on scenario and hands on training. We have a full time Faculty of instructors including college Professors, Paramedics, Physicians, professional educators, and representatives of SSV-EMS Agency. In addition, students will have the opportunity of training with the CHP H20 Medic Helicopter and access to our ACLS Laederal Sim Man resuscitation room! We are extremely proud of this program and we are 100% confident our curriculum will revolutionize EMT training – helping our students to become proficient health care professionals confident in their skills and abilities in emergency medical services.  OMS also offers its students access to our own Ambulance Simulator!

 Today, OMS holds annual contracts in Yolo, San Joaquin, Shasta, Solano and San Francisco counties. We provide 24/7 medical coverage in three of those counties with 48 full and part time medical staff – employing both EMT’s and Paramedics throughout Northern California. Our Medical Staff attend monthly training sessions and are subject to the highest standards. We take pride in the medical services we provide our community. OMS affords our clients and medical staff with 24/hr access to a panel of physicians with specialty training in everything from Emergency Medicine to Pediatrics.


OMS Commitment to Education

We continue to support our employees as they pursue their academic pursuits and advance their careers in the Emergency Medical Services field. OMS has a highly selective hiring process and as such we are not surprised at our staff’s achievements. Every year, we are proud to help place nearly 80% of our employees in advanced degree programs – programs including Medical School, Physician Assistant, Paramedic and Nursing School. Our employees are dedicated to futures in medicine and we are dedicated to providing our patients and clients with the best medical service available – it’s a WIN-WIN!

Why OMS?

OnSite Medical Service, Inc not only specializes in EMS standby services, but we are also a leader in medical instruction. Be confident in the medical staff you bring to your event knowing they are also capable of teaching the skills necessary to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Whether it is CPR, First Aid or assisting one of our course instructors, our EMTs and Paramedics are the best-trained and competent medical professionals available!

Let our experienced medical staff make those critical medical decisions for your event or venue when they matter most – immediately. All of our employees are registered and certified in emergency medical care (as EMT’s or Paramedics) with current Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation training. OMS specializes in first response, with the ability to begin treatment at the onset of emergencies, stabilizing our patients and making those critical decisions regarding the need for further treatment.

Since our inception, OMS has been dedicated to our three tenets: Sound Judgment, Compassionate Care, and an Excellence in Education.


Contracting with any number of ambulance companies that specialize in transportation services can cost between $120 – $160/hour. OMS offers all the Basic Life Support Services offered by these companies at a fraction of the cost.  A number of “businesses” offer independently contracted services that will negotiate rates and use the slogan “we will not be undersold” – beware the car salesman! OMS rates are fixed and reflective of the cost associated with the quality of our care. When was the last time you heard a licensed reputable ambulance negotiating rates with a patient? We are dedicated to the health and safety of your event/workplace – simply call us and we will take care of the rest.

If you feel OnSite Medical Service can bring that extra something to your establishment, your workplace or your event, please contact us directly! We thank you for your interest and ask that you take the time to browse the information available to you here at our website.

We look forward to working with you.


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